B/L (bill of lading) 提单
P/L (packing list) 装箱单、明细表
INV (invoice) 发票
S/C (sales contract) 销售确认书?
C.O (certificate of origin) 一般原产地证
C/D (customs declaration) 报关单?
G.S.P.(generalized system of preferences) 普惠制
T/T (telegraphic transfer) 电汇
D/P (document against payment) 付款交单
D/A (document against acceptance) 承兑交单?
CFR (cost and freight) 成本加运费价
L/C(letter of credit) 信用证
FOB (free on board) 离岸价
CIF (cost,insurance&freight) 含保险到岸价(成本、
保险加运费价 )?
W (with) 具有
w/o (without) 没有
IMP (import) 进口?
EXP (export) 出口
MAX (maximum) 最大的、最大限度的
MIN (minimum) 最小的,最低限度
M或MED (medium) 中等,中级的
INT (international) 国际的
PUR (purchase) 购买、购货
REF (reference) 参考、查价?
PR或PRC (price) 价格
M/V (merchant vessel) 商船
S.S (steamship) 船运
S/M (shipping marks) 装船标记?
DOC (document) 文件、单据
EMS (Express mail special) 特快传递
FAC (facsimile) 传真
T或LTX或TX (telex) 电传?
DL/DLS (dollar/dollars) 美元
RMB (renminbi) 人民币
WT (weight) 重量
G.W.(gross weight) 毛重
N.W.(net weight) 净重?
MT或M/T(metric ton) 公吨
EA (each) 每个,各
PCE/PCS (piece/pieces) 只、个、支等
DOZ/DZ (dozen) 一打
PKG (package) 一包,一捆,一扎,一件等?
PCT (percent) 百分比
CTN/CTNS (carton/cartons) 纸箱?
trade term / price term 价格术语
world / international market price 国际市场价格
FOB (free on board) 离岸价
C&F (cost and freight) 成本加运费价
CIF (cost, insurance and freight) 到岸价
freight 运费
wharfage 码头费
landing charges 卸货费
customs duty 关税
port dues 港口税
import surcharge 进口附加税
import variable duties 进口差价税
commission 佣金
return commission 回佣,回扣
price including commission 含佣价
net price 净价
wholesale price 批发价
discount / allowance 折扣
retail price 零售价
spot price 现货价格
current price 现行价格 / 时价
indicative price 参考价格
customs valuation 海关估价
price list 价目表
total value 总值
All Risks 一切险
F.P.A. (Free from Particular Average) 平安险
W.A. / W.P.A (With Average or With Particular Average) 水渍险
War Risk 战争险
F.W.R.D. (Fresh Water Rain Damage) 淡水雨淋险
Risk of Intermixture and Contamination 混杂、玷污险
Risk of Leakage 渗漏险
Risk of Odor 串味险
Risk of Rust 锈蚀险
Shortage Risk 短缺险
T.P.N.D. ( Theft, Pilferage & Non-delivery) 偷窃提货不着险
Strikes Risk 罢工险
WTO (World Trade Organization) 世界贸易组织
IMF (International Monetary Fund) 国际货币基金组织
CTG (Council for Trade in Goods) 货币贸易理事会
EFTA (European Free Trade Association) 欧洲自由贸易联盟
AFTA (ASEAN Free Trade Area) 东盟自由贸易区
JCCT (China-US Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade) 中美商贸联委会
NAFTA (North American Free Trade Area) 北美自由贸易区
UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) 联合国贸易与发展会议
GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) 关贸总协定
stocks 存货,库存量
cash sale 现货
purchase 购买,进货
bulk sale 整批销售,趸售
distribution channels 销售渠道
wholesale 批发
retail trade 零售业
hire-purchase 分期付款购买
fluctuate in line with market conditions 随行就市
unfair competition 不合理竞争
dumping 商品倾销
dumping profit margin 倾销差价,倾销幅度
antidumping 反倾销
customs bond 海关担保
chain debts 三角债
freight forwarder 货运代理
trade consultation 贸易磋商
mediation of dispute 商业纠纷调解
partial shipment 分批装运
restraint of trade 贸易管制
RTA (Regional Trade Arrangements) 区域贸易安排
favorable balance of trade 贸易顺差
unfavorable balance of trade 贸易逆差
special preferences 优惠关税
bonded warehouse 保税仓库
transit trade 转口贸易
tariff barrier 关税壁垒
tax rebate 出口退税
TBT (Technical Barriers to Trade) 技术性贸易壁垒
trade partner 贸易伙伴
manufacturer 制造商,制造厂
middleman 中间商,经纪人
dealer 经销商
wholesaler 批发商
retailer, tradesman 零售商
merchant 商人,批发商,零售商
concessionaire, licensed dealer 受让人,特许权获得者
consumer 消费者,用户
client, customer 顾客,客户
buyer 买主,买方
carrier 承运人
consignee 收货人
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