Wish you a happy day!???
?????? We have the pleasure to introduce ourself to you,in the view to building up business relationship with you,also hope we will become good friends?.
?????? Our company is specialized in producing family Commodity.such as the Microfiber series ,Kitchen series?, bathing series.the fellowing are some of pictures of our products.?
?????? Expecting for your enquiry for any item ,if need ,we can provide more pictures ,even samples!
Your prompt reply will be appreciated.
Yours sincerely!
Chian Industrial Zone,YiWu,Zhejiang,China
M/P:0086139 6740 1362

1 索取资料(产品信息)---要讲明的,并尽可能明确索要的东西。

We confirm receipt of your letter (your ref. L-CBA-C001) of February 1, 2006 regarding the marketing of your children's clothes in this country.

In order for us to study the matter in greater detail, we would appreciate receiving a price list for each item shown in your catalog.

2 索取资料(企业情况)

We are a company that imports ......for sale to Japanese clients & we have enclosed our company brochure for your reference.

Your company’s name to our attention through an article in the August issue of Ocean Magazine & we understand that you manufacture ....of various sizes. Since we might be interested in doing business with your company, we would like to have some information about your company and your products. We would therefore appreciate your sending us your company's catalog so that we can examine the business potential more closely.

Thank you for your attention.

3 寄送资料(寄送有关资料,表明合作意思)

Thank you for your letter dated 31st August, 2008 inquiring about our company & our products. Enclosed are our brochures listing all the types of.... We manufacture as well as our financial statement for the year ending 31st December 2008.

We have not sold our products in the Japanese market in the past,. And we would be delighted to do business with your company. Pls. Go through with the enclosure. We would be happy to answer any questions that may arise.

We look forward to hearing from you.

4 寄送详细资料

Thank you for your letter of Oct.5 , 2008 requesting details about our product No.1080.

While the specifications of the product are enclosed, our commercial terms including price and shipping are as follows:

1) QUANTITY: 100 units
2) PRICE(CIF NEW YORK); USD100,00 per unit
3) PAYMENT TERMS: L/C to be established within one week after order
4) SHIPMENT: with one month after receipt of L/C

We hope the above is of interest to you and we look forward to hearing a favorable reply form you in due course.

5 函件 注明寄送何物的函件。信末写上“ENCL。”然后写上所附东西。力求简洁

Attached please find a copy of the letter which we faxed today to your London office. We would appreciate it very much if you would ask your colleagues in London to give us their reply a.s.a.p

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

6 函件(确认附带邮件)附带邮件较多需确认时,要在罕见中一一列出,并写明每一件邮件的页数

Enclosed please find the following original documents signed by our company.
--- contract (2 copies)
----agreement relating to the Joint Venture (2 copies)
--- Specifications (2 copies)

Please have these documents signed by your company and return on copy of each to us at your earliest convenience.

7 收到函件 收到邮件确认后,要发收到函。因对方也担心邮件是否到达,所以赶在对方确认之前迅速回函是很必要的

We have received your letter (your ref. BSNS-1234) dated September 25, 2008; and the enclosed contract signed by your company. We thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

On receipt of 收到
Upon receipt 收到
Duly signed 正式签署

8 推销新产品 首先要寄产品目录资料,并且要对自己的产品有信心。

We are delighted to send you our 2000 Cellular Phone Brochure, which we hope you will find of interest.

Our brochure features our lasted cellular phones, which we manufacture ourselves, pls. Let us particular type or on a wider ranger as we would be pleased to send you additional information. With over twenty years’ experience in the production and sale of telephone equipment, we are confident that our products will give our customers full satisfaction.

We very much look forward to hearing from you.

9 索取推销品的详细资料 收到对方的产品目录后,若感兴趣则可要求更详细的资料

We have gone through your catalogs with great interest.

To further our research, would you please provide us with test date and price list for your cars? If we find your information attractive &encouraging, then we will contract you for further discussions.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

10 索取样品 真正对产品感兴趣时,可以索取样品,注意请事先搞清样品是否收费。

We have received your letter of Oct. 10, 2008 outlining your commercial terms and the attached specifications for your product No 1080. In order for us to make a proper evaluation of your products, it would be very helpful to examine an actual sample. We wonder if it would be possible for you to send us one unit of the product as a sample, free of charge.

We wait for your positive reply.

11 同意送样品 如果有样品编号等,要标明以便于确认,还要写明寄出与到达时间。

Thank you for showing interest in our product No. 1080.

We sent you two sample units by courier service today. Today being Friday, they will most likely arrive in your hands on Monday, Oct.25.

We are confident that the samples will be very satisfactory and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

12 回绝送样品

In reply to your recent letter regarding the supply of 10 free samples units of our product No. 1082, we regretfully have to say that we unable to supply them.

It is corporate policy that we never agree to a free - of - charge supply of more than two units. Therefore, we can only send you up to two units free of charge, and we would have to charge USD1,2000.00 for the remaining eight units.

We are sorry that we are unable to comply fully with your request.

Thank you for your inquiry of …….enclosed is our price list. A catalog has been airmailed to you under separate cover.
This company has exported ….. for years to your country, Canada, England and other European countries. You may be sure your order will be profitable.
Also, because our yearly production is about 30,000 pieces—the largest of all the….manufacturers in China---our prices are always lower than others.
We look forward to receiving your early reply
Encl: a copy of price list.

13 送付报价格单

We have received with gratitude your letter of August 21,2008 requesting us to submit a quotation to you concerning golf dubprices. We are pleased to offer the following quote:

1) Item: Accuracy iron clubs & Super-distance wood clubs.
2) Specifications: As per the specifications no.s AS- 1234 & as -2345, respectively, which are attached.
3) Quantity: One hundred(100) sets of accuracy iron clubs, each set consisting of the following nine (9) clubs.
4) Price :(c&f New York): Accuracy : one thousand two hundred united states dollars(USD1,200.00) PER SET.
Super -distance: six hundred united states dollars (USD600,000) per set.
5) Payment terms: L/C at sight.
6) Packing: our standard export packing
7) Shipment: within one(1) week after receipt of L/C.
8) Validity of quotation: Unless an L/C is opened on or before SEPTEMBER 29,2008, this quotation shall become null and void.

We hope that you will find our quotation attractive & we look forward to hearing from you soon.

13 同意降价

We have received your letter of September 7, 2000 regarding price reduction.

After due consideration, we decided to accept your request, i.e., price reduction of two (2) USD per bottle Valley White Wine.

We look forward to receiving your order confirmation by return.

14 同意降价(附带条件)

We are in receipt of your letter of September7,2008 requesting price reduction on Valley White Wine. We have considered your request and have come to the conclusion that we can reduce the price by one USD per bottle provided that your order is for two thousand bottles instead of one thousand. We are sorry that we are unable to fully comply with your request but we believe that our counteroffer is a fair one. We hope our reduced price coupled with an increased quantity is acceptable to you and we look forward to your order.

15 意向书

Thank you for your letter of Sep. 15 regarding price reduction.

Although your reply was not completely in line with our requirements, we have decided to agree to your proposal. We are pleased order two thousand bottles of Vally Ahite Wine at eight USD per bottle.

Although you do not mention in your quotation anything about the type of contract, we take it that you have a standard purchase contract. Please fax us your proposed draft contract as soon as possible for our examination.

16 确认合同条件

Thank you for your letter of Sep. 18 confirming your order for five hundred units of precise latop computer. We are pleased to confirm acceptance of your order and we have attached a set of terms and conditions to ensure the proces goes smoothly.

We have also attached our draft contract for your perusal. If, after reviewing the draft, you have any questions or require clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Agreed terms and conditions:

1) Item:
2) Specifications:
3) Quantity:
4) Price(C&F New York):
5) Payment Terms:
6) Packing:
7) Shipment:


Thank you for your letter of Sep.20. With attached terms & conditions, as well as for your draft contract. We have gone through your draft and have found everything to be in order and acceptable to us.

We now await your sending of the original contract signed by you for our countersignature. Pls . Mail us the contract without delay, so that we can countersign it and have an L/C opened on or before September 29.

29 更改合同条件

Thank you for your letter of Sept. 20 with the attached terms and conditions and the enclosed draft contract.

Due to internal procedures, we will not be able to have the L/C opened in September, and we must solicit your arrangement to extend our L/C opening deadline from Sept. 30 to Oct 10. All the other parts of your draft contract are acceptable to us .we apologize for any inconvenience and thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

30 商妥合同方安案

In reply to your letter dated today regarding extension of the L/C opening deadline, as a compromise, we can agree to an extension to October 5,2000. We believe your bank will have sufficient time to open the L/C for your company if the deadline is Oct. 5.

31 送付合同书 送付合同书时,要双方确认完合同的内容后,签上本公司的名字,然后送付两份,请对方签完后反还一份。

Thank you for your letter of Sept. 21 confirming your acceptance of the contract terms.

We are enclosing two copies of the contract duly signed by us. Pls. Sign them and return one copy to us.

34 订货 这是试订货的信件例文。 为使对方清楚欲订产品,要明确产品目录的日期和产品编号。

We refer to item 42 which appears on page 10 your catalog No.3456 dated 3rd Huly,2000.
Since we believe item 42 will sell well in our market, we would like to place order for 100 units. If these 100 units sell well, then we will consider larger orders in the future. Please advise us of the payment method and shipment date by return.

35确认订货 提醒对方注意产品目录上的价格存在有效期限的问题。

Thank you for your order by fax today.

As mentioned in our catalog, shipment is to be made within ten days after receipt of the L/C. We can maintain the price of each item until the end of this month, which is also mentioned in the catalog. Therefore, unless the L/C is opened in time, we will have to quote you a new price.

We await the L/C.

36 请求延期交货,分批交货。

Thank you for your fax today, placing an order with us for one hundred (100) unit of Item 42.

However, since we have only fifty (50) units in stock for immediate shipment with the remaining fifty (50) units available for shipment in one month's time. We offer the following two alternatives:

(1) Shipment of 50 units within ten days. And the remaining 50 within forty days. After receipt of the L/C for one hundreds units.
(2) Shipment of 100 units within 10 days after receipt of the L/C which shall be opened when the remaining 50 units become available for shipment.

We await your reply as to which alternative you wish to choose.

37 续订单

Further to our order placed with you last week, we wish to order an additional 50 units. We need them urgently and would appreciate your quotation on the basis of shipment by air. Pls. give us a prompt reply.

Thank you in advance for your immediate attention.

38 通知发货 发货通知要写上发货日期,船名,预定到达日期等。货物发出以后,就可以发出通知。
We have received your letter if credit, the contents of which are satisfactory to us.. Amanagements for shipment have been already make the details are as follows:

Date of shipment from Yokohoma: Oct. 6,2008. Vessel M/V Okolona Mara
ETA New York: Oct. 30, 2008

If you have any questions or require additional information, pls do not hesitate to contact us.

We refer to your payment request of 1st Nov.,2008.

We have made an application to our bank for omittance as requested. Our remittance details are as follows:

(1) amount of 1 st Installment USD50,000.00
(2) Value date of payment:30th Nov.,2008
(3) Payment method: by TT remittance
(4) Remitting bank the Bank of Newcastle, Queesnay Branch, London.

If you do not receive advice on our remittance from your bank within one week, pls. Donot hesitate to contact us.

40 通知收到付款 收到付款确认后,要迅速告诉对方,也就是说,对收到汇款表示感谢是种礼节。作为合作伙伴,不能只在收到付款时与对方联系。

Thank you for your letter dated yesterday, advising us of your remittance.

We confirm receipt of us USD50.000.00 in our account with the Showa Bank, Shibuya Branch, this morning.

Thank you again for your remittance.

41 请求延期付款

We refer to Article 2 of the contract date Sep. 15, 2008 relating to the payment of the 3rd installment of the contract price. Although we are fully aware that according to the contract, we must made a remittance by Nov. 30, we cordially ask you to accept a rescheduling of the remittance to on or before Dec. 14. The reason for our request is that remittance arrangements with our bank have not yet been finalized, although we see no problem in finalizing everything with our bank well before Dec. 14. Payment will then be made immediately upon concluding these arrangements. Since the contract involves a considerable amount of money, we would appreciate your understanding and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that may be caused by the delay in remittance. We look forward to receiving a favorable reply.

42 同意延期付款 同意对方延期付款请求后,往往要跟对方再加以确认为好。

We have received your letter of Sept. 28 requesting a delay in payment of the 3rd installment.

A considerable amount of time has passed since the contract was signed, and we find it difficult to agree to your request. Despite these problems, however, we have reluctantly decided to accept your counteroffer. Therefore, pls. remit the amount to our account no later than Dec.14.. We sincerely hope and expect that your financing arrangement will be finalized without further delay.

Sincerely yours,

43 拒绝延期付款的请求。

We have received your letter of Sep. 28 requesting a delay in payment.

We regret to advise you that we are unable to accept your request and, to be honest; we are puzzled by your letter. More than a year has passed, since the contract was signed and you have had plenty of time to arrange financing. Now you tell us that it will take some more time before you finalize the banking arrangements, which is surprising to say the least. To conclude, we hope you will finalize the arrangement quickly and pay us in accordance with the contract.

Sincerely yours,

44 请求更改付款的方法

Thank you for your quotation of Nov. 13, 2008(your ref. No.5996).

We would be happy to place another order with your company, provided that you kindly agree to a charge in payment method from L/C at sight to Documents against Payment, which will help us reduce costs. Since we believe we have already established a good working relationship with your company and have proved that we are reliable buyers, please give our request your most serious considerations.

We await your positive reply.

45 同意更改付款方法(附带条件)

We have received your letter of Nov. 25 regarding the change in payment method.

It has been our company policy to have L/C, opened by all our overseas customers who wish to purchase our purchase our products. Having said this though, as you mention in your letter, you have proven your performance on previous contracts. We therefore agree to the change, but for this one time only. As far as future transactions are concerned, we would prefer to discuss them with you on a deal basis. We hope that our reply is satisfactory to you.

46 督促付款

We are writing this letter to reminding you that we have not yet received your payment for the one hundred set of Accuracy iron clubs which were shipped on the M/V AAloska on March 31. According to the contract, as you will remember, you must make payment within thirty days after shipment and today is the deadline for payment. Therefore, pls. make immediate payment to our bank account. Here, one again, are our bank account details: Account No. at
We would appreciate your urgent attention to this matter.

47 逾期付款致歉 由于公司内部办理手续拖延或因为承办人的疏忽,有时会发生逾期付款的现象.这时,必须郑重地向对方道歉.

We have received your letter, dated today, by fax and apologize for the delay in payment. Due to our internal remittance procedures, we could only took longer than anticipated, we could only make our remittance application to our bank today. Therefore, you should be able to confirm the receipt of the funds in your account tomorrow, your time. Pls. accept our sincere apologies for the delay.

48 通知去核实付款(有时候会出现一方已寄去付款,但对方却还未收到的情况.这时,要让对方去核实一下汇款时间,汇款号等)

Your fax dated today surprised us because we definitely remitted the money in question through our bank three days ago.

The funds were remitted to your account with the Showa Bank of Newcastle, Tokyo Branch. The remittance number is BNJ-RE-12345 dated 17th Nov,2008.. we hope you can trace the funds from your end.

49 投诉产品质量(在投诉产品质量时,详细说明产品情况后,要明确地表明自己的主张.

The one hundred pieces of furniture arrived in Yokohama at the end of Oct. However, at the time of inspection, five pieces were found damaged, as fully described in the attached report made by our inspector.

We request that you send five new pieces as replacement a.s.a.p.

Time to meet with Mr Jakedo. Pls. let us know whether his visit would be convenient or not.

50 对投诉的调查 对待投诉,要马上向对方表明态度,即予以调查。因有调查阶段尚未搞清原因所以函件内容要简洁。

We have received your letter dated Nov. 7 with your inspector’s report attached.
We are now investigating the cause of the damage and we will get back to you with our reply a.s.a.p.

51 更换被投诉的产品 调查------接受------解决方案-----道歉

We refer you to our letter of Nov. 13 2008 regarding the damaged sets.
We have carefully investigated the matter and have come to the conclusion that the 5 pieces in question had been damaged before shipment. This being the case, we accept your claim and have already dispatched five replacement pieces by airfreight.
We apologize to you for any in convenience you may have suffered and we will make sure that an incident like this will never happen again.

59 对介绍人物的致谢

Thank you for your letter of introducing Mr. Takeda.

We would be pleased to meet Mr. at our office at 10 a.m. on Oct. 12, if we can be of any help to his company, we would be very happy to extend our cooperation.

Pls. inform Mr. that he is very welcome to visit us and that we look forward to his arrival.

60 请求见面

Pls. be advised I will be traveling to the United State next month to promote the latest products from Hara Software Inc. I will be in New York and available for discussions from Nov. 17 till Nov. 19.

I would like very much to pay you a visit. Assuming this will be convenient for you to meet me at your office.

73 通知应聘者面视

Thank your for your letter of Aug. 31,2008. enclosed resume. As advertised, the position open is that of Secretary to the President and we are pleased to be able to offer you an interview. Would you please come to the reception desk at our office at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, Sep. 14 and ask for me there? We look forward to meeting you at that that time.

If either the date or time is inconvenient, then please telephone my assistance Ms Koiko or, in her absence, Ms. Kaysko to change the appointment.

74 通知录用(同时应应聘者未必一定允许,所以要提示有再次面谈详情的机会)

We are writing this letter to advise you that, subject to mutual agreement on the details of employment, we would like to offer you the position of Secretory to the President and our congratulations.

Therefore, we would like you to visit our office again at 10:00 a.m... on Sep. 19 to discuss the terms of employment. We would appreciate it if you could confirm your interest and the appointment time.

88 答谢函 答谢函的目的是为了相互交流,促进今后的往来.

Thank you for your letter of Nov. 30, 2008. I’ pleased to know you enjoyed your stay in __ . I look forward to seeing you again in the future either in ___-or in ___.

92 鸡尾酒会请贴 正式的请贴----要求回复确认

Mr. …….
President of
CBA Golf Equipment Co. Ltd.
Requests the pleasure of the company of Mr. Ted O’ Brien
At a cocktail reception to celebrate
The Twentieth Anniversary of CBA Golf
In the Kiri Room, Royal Hotel
2-3, Hibiyal-Chome, Chiyoda-Ku, TOKYO 100-300
On Friday, May 12, between 18:30 & 20:30

93 宴会邀请回函(接受)简洁明了就可----感谢----悻然前去参加的语句

I appreciate your thoughtfulness in extending an invitation to me for your 20th anniversary cocktail party. I’m happy to be able to accept your invitation and it would be honor to celebrate this memorable occasion with you. I am looking forward to seeing you there.

94 宴会邀请回函(拒绝)

I very much appreciate the honor of be invited to your cocktail reception to celebrate your anniversary. Please accept my congratulations on this wonderful occasion.
Unfortunately, due to a previous commitment on that particular day, I am nable to attend the reception, I hope you understand..
I have long admired your achievements over the last twenty years and hope you will continue in your role as one of the leaders in your field.
Again, thank you very much for your kind invitation.

95 婚礼邀请函

Mr. & Mrs.
Request the honor of your presence
At the marriage of their daughter
On Saturday, the fourteenth of Oct.,2008
At twelve o’clock noon
Old North Church

96 婚礼邀请回函(接受)

Thank your for kind invitation to your daughter’s wedding on 14th Oct.

Many congratulations and it is with the greatest pleasure that I accept your invitation. I look forward to attending the happy occasion and meeting you and your family, including the newest member, Mr.….. With warmest regards.

97. 婚礼邀请回函(拒绝)

I thank your for kind invitation to your daughter’s wedding on 14th Oct.,2008. I would have been delighted to attend, but unfortunately a business trip to Europe at that time prevents me from doing so, much sorry to my regret.

I do wish, however, to send you my sincerest congratulations on this happy occasion. Pls. convey my very best wishes for every happiness to your daughter and her future husband, Mr.….. on their upcoming marriage , with warmest regards..

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